Ways To Decorate A Large Living Room Wall

Ways To Decorate A Large Living Room Wall. Hang a gallery wall of thrift store finds, cover the walls in patterned paper, or put antiques collections on display—there are countless ways to show off your personality and bring a boring living room to life. However, with a few tricks, the living….

Fancy walls on the cheap: 36 easy, beautiful DIY art ideas ...
Fancy walls on the cheap: 36 easy, beautiful DIY art ideas ... (Craig Oliver)
If you are looking for an overnight transformation of your dining or living room, check out this incredible stick-on wall design. Make your photos colored or black and white to create a unique collage of photos in the corner of your room. But with some layout tweaks and a few visual tricks up your sleeve, you can learn to love your long room.

Image: Renata Cafaro Depending on your furniture and interior design, there are many directions you can go in with living room wall decor ideas.

It's an elegant focal point near a front door, but it's also functional.

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Hanging a statement-making wall art piece above your sofa is the easiest way to fill out empty vertical space in your. The more you mix up the frames, the better it will look. Filling a long wall in a living room can be a design challenge.

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